The Louis Romanos Quartet was originally founded in New Orleans by percussionist and composer, Louis Romanos.    After hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans in 2005,  Mr. Romanos relocated to beautiful Athens, Georgia.   The music that Mr. Romanos composes reinterprets both traditional and modern jazz.  Interweaving Latin, bebop, and New Orleans street beat rhythms with profound melo­dies creates a playful, rhyth­mically driven, compelling sound.   The future of LRQ is perpetually  unfolding.  Mr. Romanos is currently planning the third and fourth LRQ albums while working on string arrangements of his music to bridge the jazz and classical worlds in search an even more compelling sound.

LRQ tours the mainland U.S.A. in the Southeast and North West regions, Hawaii and Europe.  They recently released their debut album, Take Me There, in 2015.  The LRQ features Dan Sumner on guitar, Alex Noppe on trumpet and Luca Lombardi on acoustic bass.  They performed double duty at the 2013 Maui Jazz Festival, performing both as LRQ and backing up Tommy James of the Duke Ellington Orchestra.  The LRQ also scored and performed live movie syncing for Edison’s Elekrisches Theater at Werkstatt für Kunstprojekte in Leipzig, Germany.

As educators the LRQ are in the process of creating a sustainable music education program in Maui and Oahu.  They are working closely with the Makana Aloha Foundation and AECG to bring music  to Maui and Oahu.  On the mainland the LRQ regularly perform music clinics at universities, high schools and elementary schools.  In Europe Mr. Romanos gives clinics on American music and New Orleans drumming.  We believe educating young people on music will help them be better students and lead more fulfilling lives.


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