NEWS:  We finished our May 2017 tour with  a recording session for our yet unnamed third album.  The energy was electric and the album was recorded in front of a live studio audience.   Our second CD, Serenity, is available now. The CD sounds beautiful and we hope you will enjoy the music we created and documented over the last year and a half.  It was quite a journey. Our solid sound flourishes as the band members deepen personal and professional bonds.

“The repeat mantra in everything on this new album is more fuel to the fire as each musician in the quartet reveals a snippet of himself.” ~Carol Banks Weber, AXS

“The LOUIS ROMANOS QUARTET has put together some very pleasant music on SERENITY [Sonamor Music 888295 542586]. Serene it is as the quartet plays 9 [44:36] well thought out original compositions in an undisturbed manner. Relaxing yet stimulating and every member of the quartet has shining moments including Romanos whose drum solos are quite musical. This is an understated gem.” ~CAROL MORGAN

At a time when so much contemporary jazz expression seems to be fettered down in a bog of technical wizardry and pedantic complexity, the LRQ embraces the timeless classicism of emotional warmth, deep lyricism and the sheer undeniable joy of playing music together. ~Jazz Chill

SERENITY . . .  a nine-song adventure that constantly crosses the lines between jazz and good solid funk; I totally dug this one!  Just listen to the mighty mellow drumming, and beautiful horn work on the 4:08 “Home Again“… and one of the most notable things about this piece is the quartet’s “pacing”… they have TOTALLY got that down on this superb song – I loved it!  The down & funky “Old Soul” turned out to be my personal favorite on the nine-song jazz adventure; lots of movement and some great changes. ~Dick Metcalf, aka Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazznation Nation

LOUIS ROMANOS QUARTET/Serenity: A tasty set of left-leaning, straight ahead jazz, this crew comes back hotter every time out. Appealing to the sitting down, cerebral jazz fan, you don’t have to be an egghead to dig this. A fine workout with everyone playing as one and on the same page, it’s a gasser throughout that keeps the jazz fires burning bright. Well done. ~Midwest Record

The Louis Romanos Quartet was originally founded in New Orleans by percussionist and composer, Louis Romanos. After hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans in 2005,  Mr. Romanos relocated to beautiful Athens, Georgia and restarted the LRQ in Germany with local musicians in Leipzig. The warm reception of his music in Germany prompted him to again form an American based quartet for touring in the U.S.A.

Mr. Romanos’ compositions  interweave Latin,  Middle, and Far Eastern influences within an American jazz framework. New Orleans street beat rhythms meet globally inspired melodies to create a playful, rhythmically driven vehicle for improvisation.

LRQ tours the mainland U.S.A. in the Southeast and North West regions, Hawaii and Europe. They recently released their debut album, Take Me There, in 2015. The LRQ features Dan Sumner on guitar, Alex Noppe on trumpet and Luca Lombardi on acoustic bass. They performed double duty at the 2013 Maui Jazz Festival, performing both as LRQ and backing up Tommy James of the Duke Ellington Orchestra. The LRQ also scored and performed live movie syncing for Edison’s Elekrisches Theater at Werkstatt für Kunstprojekte in Leipzig, Germany.

As educators, the LRQ are accomplished clinicians who have taught clinics across American and in Europe.  Additionally, we held a jazz camp at Boise State University in 2015 and 2016. On the U.S. Mainland, the LRQ regularly perform music clinics at universities, high schools and elementary schools and runs a summer jazz camp at Boise State University. In Europe, Mr. Romanos gives clinics on American music and New Orleans drumming.